The Isolated EP

by Lewis vs Clark

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Recorded @ Think Sound Studios w/Drew Fulk.
Artwork by Natasha Chamberlain.
All music written by Lewis vs Clark.
All lyrics by Wil Shaw and Devon Stone, except "Departure" which was written by Zachary Miller.

Lewis vs Clark is:
Devon Stone - Vocals
Wil Shaw - Guitar
Tanner West - Drums
Ben Edwards - Bass
Gray Reynolds - Guitar
Guest Vocals on "The Isolated" by Drew Fulk.

Thanks to: Everyone.


released January 12, 2010



all rights reserved


Lewis vs Clark Winston Salem

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Track Name: To Become...
The landscape of my mind has never been so dreary.
clouds form overhead and puddles grow beneath me.
I still walk along, waiting for a calm in the storm.
Passing the places that once meant so much,
Once again, I see the life fading from the sky,
so comes the night, a passive light peers into my eyes.
This is my downfall, this is my broken will,
I am lost and I fear that I’ll never heal.
A solace it seems, standing with these serene surroundings....Here I am.
Here I am, a new man, I won’t be broken.
I was once a battered man but now I am whole.
Track Name: Departure
This simple impulse
I can feel the sickness
Crawling up my back,
It’s poisoning my eyes.

Our translucent desire,
Can we see the corrupted light?
At the end of our tunnel,
At the end of our Broken Sight.

Feel the flame of the tongue,
I’ll open my vision wide,
To taste the silver glow.

The elemental tale retold,
Deep in the stone
My pain, my torture..
I’m tired of it all.

All of this trying departure,
I can’t let go.
I will never leave this,
I will never leave you.

And I will not be here to hold the candle
In case we fall
I’m just tired of the hurt, I’m done with the rage.
It’s time to move on.

Oh I’ve seen the days, I’ve felt the distance in-between
I’m ready to go.
You blood king, you think you’ve figured me out,
Just let me tell you something.
You wish you could understand my side.
You underestimate me now.
And you wish you could live past this fog.
You can never understand

And what have we done? What have we done,
to taste, the panache.

Why can’t you see, Why can’t you see, Why can’t you see the chaos?

I’m so tired of it all, I’m tired of the lies, I’m tired of this. I’m done, I’m done, I’m sick.
Track Name: Moments
When will we escape this bondage and reveal our true selves?
Shall we swim for restoration, or sink with transgressions?
We try so hard to get through everything.
Don't let the waters overtake you,
We're too desperate for redemption now.
I speak truth when I say tomorrow may never come.
Track Name: The Isolated
Engulfed in an ocean, embraced by an illusion,
Rationality is hard to come by.
I can see my old self floating further and further away,
with each breath I waste.

Diseased and torn, I struggle to find my way home,
How can I regain my strength in a place that drains me of every ounce?
My hopes to see a better day are gone, my passion expired.

Every day here is the same,

a reminder that I’ll never break free.
But I will. I’m hardly content with you.
Embarking into the world, separated from the weight of failure,
My posture regained and my heart in place.

It’s time to restart, to rebuild, and to stand on my own.